Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TV verses TOT

According to BBC, the average child of two watches nine hours of television a day and a four year old watches fifteen hours a day. That gives that four year old nine hours to sleep, eat, and what ever else children this age do.

The article goes on to say they are poor achievers.

I am wondering if the television just isn't on in the house. I can't believe a child between 2 and 4 can be parked. Can you?

Now, my children were TV kids, especially on Saturday mornings when that is the only time cartoons were on. Rachel watched Captain Kangaroo, Bud watched Sesame Street and Speed Racer and Ryen was a Master's of the Universe follower. Later, Rachel would zero in on Gilligan's Island. Most disturbing of all was MTV when the music was all choreographed and left nothing to the imagination of the listener.

I don't think it warped any of them. All of them became educated and went on to select occupations they are great at. Maybe all those years of Speed Racer made Bud a great video maker. Maybe Rachel's stories led her to writing and all the pictures we drew brought Ryen into the graphic design industry.

As for my generation, we didn't have TV. Don't you just hate that line. We were supposed to "find something to do". I think I used up all my out side points being outdoors! I have a special memory of Betty and I sitting on top of a snow bank eating chocolate cake. It was winter.

I do not believe children in Britain watch television that much. I would be okay with saying that if that is ALL they do there is a problem.

Will your tot rot from TV?

Will you?


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