Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Old Trunks has never written messages on her hand like you see in the movies, or in nursing homes when there is no paper in the nurse's pocket. If one wrote down all the wonderful and silly ideas that passed through the brain throughout the day, we would all be looking like full body tattoos, don't you think?

The story isn't that a smushed Junior Mint, a favorite candy of mine for years was stuck to a book I got off the shelf last night, rather, the saga is about finding a picture of Aquaman, drawn by my son in 2/1985. He may have given it to me as a book mark. I have written to him to ask the significance of the pin holes around Aqua man's head. He may not remember, after all it is greater than two decades ago.

Odd, isn't it, how we make notes on owned books and haven't a clue later? BUT WE THINK WE WILL!!! Why, for example, would I place a sticker for Jobst products on the back of the book? I was personally not a distributor! Yet I did, and very possibly while eating, you guessed it, Junior Mints.

The name of the book is, Let's Get Well by Adelle Davis. Although she states in all of her books that supplements can hasten recovery, she still succumbed to cancer. Yet, her books have merit. Written in a language which is understandable to those of us untrained, we can hype up the idea that nutrition is the real thing. She published her first book in the thirties.

I discovered her books in the summer of 1984 or so. Our family took a challenge to eat right and we called in the summer of liquid chemicals. And, on a August birthday, instead of having cake, I had a round of long horn cheese topped with a wedge of cheddar. Let me assure you that by the time the next four birthdays came, there was cake. One more in August, two in September, and one the first of October. The point I am trying to make is this: I remembered bits and pieces of my obsessive reading about all of this.

And when you take one vitamin or mineral, you have to counter balance it. It is possible that living in the snow bank has caused my deficiency and after a few days, there is a sense of more energy, or as I told a friend, some bubbles are back.

That is how I came to find the Junior Mint stuck to her book. I was looking for the round off. I know I feel better because, once again, I am chattering like a mag pie as my system tries to balance its tires, or is that tireds?

As we all know 15 minutes is about all you get at a doctor's office, if you wish to know more, one has to research. I am totally all for that, I mean I am the first to admit that Dixie was right, I did read five books to learn how to plant a tulip.

The idea is to add B6 to the high doses of calcium and Vitamin D. (Last weekends joke was if the fish aren't biting, I will still soak up the sun). Davis' book gives a long list of things that happen when Vitamin B6 is less than normal. It will interesting to see after a week or so, if even more symptoms disappear.

And to close, let me say that anyone with the first name of Daisie has to have a lot going for them!

Ramblin in Fargo.


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