Tuesday, May 25, 2010


And Val said, "Mother Nature at its finest............"
Old Trunks is hopeful you have an opportunity to be away from all hustle, that is, if you wish to be.
North Dakota winters are long. When spring comes, despite raging storms, snow, and wind, there is hope that fishing will follow.
It isn't all about fishing. It is about the sounds or the lack of them. It is the eagle's screech, the peep and the croak of the frogs in the pond. It is the call of the loons and on this very foggy morning, the trumpet of the swan, which sounds more like a muffled grunt.
Where were they? We could see white foam along the shore. Tom listened, the sound was coming from a small cove. We saw them as they moved past the area and swam in tandem along the shore. Any pictures would have to be manual; auto settings tried to capture only the fog.
I led the camera along the bank, clicking , clicking. The flash spooked them and they started the run on the water. They lifted and landed in another area of the lake, later they would return to the cove. The fog had lifted by then and the shots where full sun. Beautiful swans but not nearly as dramatic as those in lift off in the fog.

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