Friday, May 14, 2010


No matter where graduation is, people come to see their pride and joy graduate. It might mean several hundred miles of driving or it may be taking a great grand mother out of a nursing home for an afternoon. Perhaps it means extra equipment to make that member be able to make the trip. The important thing is, that for the graduate, it means someone cared enough to go out side of their comfort zone with the help of others.

It really is a very special day, whether it be high school, college, or trade school. It seems like a symbol to the graduate that we backed you up and we are proud to be that sort of sponsor to you whether you know it or not.

I am thinking about my own Mother, who came to Rachel's graduation in 1985. She was robust then and could see her way to making an 800 mile trip for the occasion. One she would not repeat do to health reasons.

I am thinking about my grand parents who, in 1962 were mid eighties and less and came to my graduation and shuffled about to find seats in a gym with plank seating and no back rests. Think about it, it is really pretty impressive.

The graduate deserves the honors, the cards, and the gifts. Yet, think about the spectators who come in wheel chairs bearing oxygen equipment, the little stooped over ladies on the arm of their sons and all the others who no longer have the mobility. All of these people have a genuine interest in what is happening to their loved one. They are to be admired.

Happy graduation to all~~introduce your loved one to your friends and let them see that not all people can skip into a gym and run up the stairs but they are there with the same amount of pride for their graduate.


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