Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Ever thought about how cleaning products have changed? Or have they?

The big hype again, (underlined) is vinegar and baking soda. New? Not hardly. But baking soda, olive oil, and vinegar in the toilet? Try to figure that one out.

Now we buy vinegar at this house in 4 gallon boxes. Badly worded, should have said, boxes with four gallon count. We buy baking soda in 4 pound bags. Why? Because we use it to clean the window blinds. And it does a great job on the odors, if one has odors.

I am a Windex fan and I am not ashamed to admit it. I use it every day to clean the bathroom sink after I have cleaned my glasses. You see, we have a paper towel holder in our bathroom and one sheet of Viva, (brand of choice) does a lot of work for one little square. I don't like the small of vinegar anymore than I like the smell of finger nail polish remover and bleach. Some things, in this green scene to save our planet, just can't go quite yet.

What I will say is we have the same cans of abrasive cleaner in the kitchen and the bathroom that were here when I arrived in 1998. I am remembering my grand father who used Ajax, which he pronounced "A Yaks" in the stain steel sink. Since he didn't see well, he never quite got all the film off.

My mother was a Hilex hold out. If you didn't use bleach, it wasn't clean. She also used enough Santiflush in the toilets to disrupt the balance in the septic tank. I could never, and still can't figure out how sprinkling Santiflush in the toilet did much good for cleaning the bowl, and to this day don't know just why she did it because she scrubbed the toilet with a cloth, not a brush. I also questioned the use of chemicals in the toilet because the dog drank out of the toilet.

Drank out of the toilet? Yes, Diamond never did have a water dish that I can remember. He drank out of the stool in the bathroom off the entry at the farm. Mother was especially annoyed with him when he 'spilled' on the floor. There was no catch the drips rugs. The outside dog drank out of the stock tank. But that wasn't cleaned with chemicals.

So my question to you this morning is this: What do you use for cleaning products. Is it more or less than, lest say, ten years ago? Have you ever put olive oil in your toilet and why? I am not going to say it....yes, I am, things don't stick.

Try to be a little more green about our planet. Consider giving up one harsh cleaning chemical, will you?


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