Friday, May 28, 2010


The saga of the dog named Rockey continues. They took him in to have him put down. They couldn't find a vein, so they gave him a sedative while looking for it. They hit the bone with the needle and the dog cried and cried, which made the owners do the same. They were ready to take the dog back home but decided not too. After the dog expired, she wanted to take him home but they left him to be cremated. It, according to the owner, was the worst day of her life. Sad.

Old Trunks thinks this would be much harder than finding the animal dead but not finding the animal run over. Odd, isn't it, that our forefathers and even people of farming communities simply shoot the dog when it is hurt beyond help or sick. I do remember Daddy being upset because he had to shoot a lab who was infected because she tore out her stitches too many times. He said it was hard to have a loyal animal looking at you when you pulled the trigger.

Tom has taken dogs in to be 'put to sleep'. He says it isn't easy.

What would you do?


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