Wednesday, February 9, 2011


AND SHE SAID, "If you take the center of paper towel, that is the cardboard roll, and put it on the end of the sweeper hose, you can smash it and it will gather the dust under your fridge"!

Now, that seemed like a good thing to do since when living in an apartment in another life, it was customary to pull the fridge out a few times a year and clean the grates.

The first cardboard roll from paper towels, I figured would be ready in a day or so. I did not know that MST was going to change it out for a full one, break up what was left, twist the cardboard beyond recognition and toss it in the trash only to be covered with the stuff from the bottom of the pan and coffee grounds.

I had to wait.

Well, the oven needed to be cleaned. Today was the day. The oven cleaner did its thing and I went on to other projects.

I could only find one glove, left handed of course, which looked odd on my right hand but it would work. I took a new roll of paper towels, tore off a dozen and let the rest of the roll unwind while the first of come- off- the -roll was tucked in my waist of my pants. I was not wearing wasted pants although I maybe should have.

Wipe and repeat, wipe and repeat. Get all the gunk out, then spray with water and wipe and repeat with paper towels. Then wash, then rinse. And for all of that, I now have a cardboard center from a roll of paper towels!

How is this going to work? We are about to see. Can you wait a minute?



The hose end to the sweeper is smaller than the paper towel holder

When roll is taped to the end of the sweeper, the paper towel sucks itself in near the place it connects with the hose.

It is a bust. MOVE THAT FRIDGE!


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