Monday, February 14, 2011


Yes! It IS the day!

.and the day began with coffee and then MST gave me this soppy card that made me cry. When I was blowing up balloons for him this afternoon, I thanked him for the wonderful card and on one, mentioned he should read it out loud to me. Maybe we would both tear up. BTW, I blew up four balloons because I spelled beautiful wrong on one of them. That is the problem with keyboarding and not writing by hand--okay, I am a crappy speller--!

Someone stated what is the buzz about Valentine's Day. What is the big deal, don't we love these people just as much the rest of the year? Yes. But we don't give soppy cards the other days of the year.

It is, as the card reads:

........" putting someone elses needs ahead of your own, not bcause you have to, but because you want to".........

I am thinking about the first Valentine's Day we knew each other in this life. A basket of flowers came with a five diamond pendent on it. He had sent the necklace to the flower shop in Lawrence, they attached it and delievered it. It is a special memory. He is like that.

He is a gift--one that likes mushy cards.


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