Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This all has to do with the territory concept from yesterday.

Old Trunks thinks there may be something to how clean is too clean. Or how clean is clean enough. I learned this lesson from my dad.

I was living with them when Rachel was born because her father was in the Army. One day, I decided to clean his pipes. I don't mean that in a mafia way, I decided to literally clean his pipes which he used to smoke tobacco.

Did I ask? No. Did I watch to see how to do it? Yes and no. I thought he just banged them into the garage can, put in a new filter BECAUSE he didn't like the job and was in a hurry--besides, he only cleaned one pipe at a time.

I thought it would be much more efficient if all the pipes were really cleaned at once using pipe cleaners, (yes they have more uses that making crafts), and scrape the bowl out so there was more room for LOTS of tobacco.

I took all the pipes apart. He had about a dozen. Then I cleaned each piece inside using double pipe cleaners to really get the gunk out. There was a tools in his drawer that looked like a short blade, I used that to scrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrape out the bowl. I damp cleaned the outside and lined them all up on the pipe rack.

But, you know what? I cleaned them too good. And that is just what Daddy said. Next time I cleaned them, use the pipe cleaners, use the filters, but let's leave the bowl to build up a natural fire pit again.

Which brings me to this moment.

The fishing rods are standing at attention in the corner. I did clean mine this morning, taking care to get the dried sludge out of the grooves using a toothbrush. I cleaned the guides and made sure each of them was tight. I stopped at mine. Tom may have another way.

Maybe he wants a little natural build up.


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