Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Maybe it was the nice weather

Maybe in was the Minnesota Hockey day in Moorhead with the temperatures in the high thirties and the ice was sloppy.

Maybe it was memories of Aunt Lil. Or Judy and I skating on the coolee across the tracks from there house.

Nevertheless, when you dream about it and wake up to the aroma of peanut butter cookies, well, what can I say, you gotta have those cookies!

I am not much of a baker. The cookie sheets are in perfect condition!

I haven't used Crisco since the last time I made cookies. The can was open and out of date for two. I am a EVOO person. Now, even I knew using EVOO for cookies probably would not work. And the baking soda was out of date for baking.

It was nice out. Not one of those days you have to dress in layers to go out. Shoes on and Tom asked where I was going. "To the store to get Crisco and baking soda", I said. He offered to go while I gathered up and started mixing the ingredients. The final items were mixed in and the first two sheets went into the oven while Tom was outside chipping ice off the driveway.

He stuck his head in later and asked, "Are they done yet"?
"YES"!, I hollered back.

Now he is disciplined and I am not. I was testing and he was helping clean up the kitchen. He had them for Sunday Night Supper.

It was the sloppy ice
It was Judy
It was Lillian
After all, it was her recipe out of the church cook book
It was a wonderful aroma from her house

And in her honor, our house captured the spirit of the cookie.



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