Saturday, February 19, 2011


Grandpa Benhard and Grandma Julia spent the summers in this hand made trailer while Benhard was doing construction in the area around and about northern Minnesota.
They were one of many couples, or in the case of Great Uncle Bennie, singles, who constructed this units and lived in them in a clearing somewhere near the job site.
In another photo, which is too bad to even consider publishing, there is Grandma, looking as if she is washing in a bucket. Another person is sitting on a chair. The same chair, it seems, that was painted over and over and once was used photograph the family dog, Snowball.
It appears as if the trailers were brought in with a trailer, then a series of logs was used to roll it off. The logs are depicted in the bad, bad, photo. Off to the side out of view of the picture of my grandparents is an out house. One would have thought it would have been set farther away, let's hope it was, at least, down wind.
The trailer, as you can see, is not big. Most likely it held a bed and a couple of chairs. No doubt all cooking was done outside. There was no refrigeration. It does not appear there was a stove, how did grandma bake bread?
We know from the history of my parents, they lived in one of those units, also. Their design was just a little different. As I go through the books gathering the information which I lost in the December purge, I will find it.
Meanwhile. I am going to turn on the stove, put something in the oven, and have hot buns from freezer to oven to plate.
And what is with her fat ankles? Too hot?

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