Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The other day, a former class mate sent me a world map game. It was an inter active game where you have a list of countries and one drops them into place. He had an advantage, he had lived in the middle east as do part of his family.

I looked at the list and they hunted for the smallest country. I knew that Kuwait was mini size because the scout troop was presented with that country to learn about for an international celebration in February.

Never mind that Kuwait was not much more than 15 years free from the United Kingdom. We could resource from the library, (yes, hard copy books). Finding someone to talk to the girls about customs was going to be the trick. Who did I know that knew someone that had been there?

You see, we couldn't hop on the Internet and find the information nor could we 'friend' someone that lived there.

And maybe there is something to be said about hard copy and physically touching the information verses not storing it within ourselves because we can always find it or something like it on line.

What happened to I know someone that knows someone? Is it because I am replanted or is just the way it is because of the Internet?

Certainly I flunked the middle east quiz. But I knew where Kuwait is, how about you?


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