Monday, February 7, 2011


On this day in 1940, Daddy had three flat tires on the way to St. Hilaire where he and mother were married. He gave the minister $20 and said he asked for change. In those days, giving money to the reverend to marry you was a gift, now I think they have a fee. Well, everyone has to have bread and milk, I guess.

It is not known why they went to St. Hilaire. Neither were affiliated with that church nor any other that is known. Maybe that was the Las Vegas of the North.

I do know there was an eight year age difference between the two of them and often wondered why in the name of heaven mother was going with someone that old when she was in high school? Why would she risk it? The question will always be a question.

Old Trunks does know that is probably why they were so doubtful of any arm candy I may have brought home. Although Tom's parents, especially his mother, never liked anyone he dated, maybe parents are all the same. Maybe mother's parents, actually, her dad, didn't like Daddy either. But for some reason, she was still dating him.

I don't know how long they dated before they were married. I don't even know where they met. The inquiries were made yet there where no answers.

Their marriage was trauma and drama. And when mother announced she was going to leave and go to work, washing dishes at the nursing home, she was told she would look pretty silly driving up in a new Cadillac and wearing a fur coat. That might sound mean to you but she trumped daddy a lot more than he did her.

Why did they stay together? Did it get better? Where they just so comfortable in their misery they didn't way to get out of yetanother brand new box?

We like to think our parents had a wonderful marriage. We like to think about how well they meshed together and the good times they had. And I can find good times between them, and on this, the day of their marriage, I will think about that the good times.


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