Friday, February 11, 2011


The list is long. You may be bored.

The cardboard tubing from the paper towel roll attached to the vacuum cleaner hose to clean under the fridge did not work.

There was no film on our dryer lint catcher to make the dryer catch on fire.

List: zero

This mornings test was about using hair conditioner for shaving your legs. At first, I could not believe how smooth it was--that is--until I realized I had not taken the guard off the razor. However, it did work wonderfully. I will have to do a lot of shaving to get rid of all the bottles of hair conditioning we have stored in the closet.

Then I got to thinking about when 'cream rinse' first came out, that is, when I remember it being introduced to our household. Revlon made a shampoo called Aquamarine. It had the most enchanting aroma. AND GUESS WHAT COLOR IT WAS!!! One was to follow the shampooing with the cream rinse--same color, same bottle, (confusing for Daddy who couldn't tell one from another without his glasses).

Now the idea in the early days was to mix a cap full with a quart of water and pour over your hair. This is also the time in life when people washed their hair in the kitchen sink. Don't tell me you never did that!!!

Since the bathroom off the mud room at the farm had a shower, it was much more efficient to me to wash hair and shower all at once. I didn't go to the kitchen to get the Pryex glass pitcher to mix the rinse. I just put some in my hands, rubbed my hands together, and ran it through my hair. Mother was not pleased, I wasn't following the directions on the bottle. But I never saw Daddy go to the kitchen for that Pryex pitcher, either.



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