Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AND SHIRLEY SAYS............

And Shirley says, "I remember LOVING Little Frosty's at the Dine-A-Mite after church most every Sunday after we started going to church in town. Dad would only let me order the $.10 one because the $.20 ones were too expensive. We'd always order them after we finished lunch..if I didn't finish my burger Little Frosty!

Did you know that Hilda Mellem named the Dine-A- Mite through a local contest with the winning entry?

I used to love the homemade bean soup at Johnnies. After we were married we lived just a block from ther. When I was pregnant with Brenda I'd walk there and have a bowl of bean soup..DELICIOUS!!!

I always had a Little Dick at the "old Ben Franklin" store..where Lori's Hallmark is now.

I don't think I'd ever eaten at Kife's till Keith and I started dating, we'd go there quite often. I don't remember what I'd order didn't matter anyway because I was IN LOVE!

Another side-note. Did you know that Mom dated Kife (Cliff Olson) a few times?

Sending to you again, can't post at the blog..but wanted you to know these terribly important things! Lol"

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