Monday, January 26, 2009


Today is the day of the second cataract surgery for my Sweet Thomas. His first eye was done on 8 Jan. Because of a scheduling problem, it is greater than two weeks between surgeries.

For those of you who have this surgery in the realm of possibilities, I wish you could have followed Tom around for the last couple of weeks and had his discoveries.

Although it is somewhat vain when he says, "Where's my tan?" It is a very pleasant experience for him to look about and see anything, everything in a brighter sort of way. "I can shave without my shaving glasses!" he said one morning. Those of you who know he is my bearded collie, you need to realize shaving means trimming and close shaving other parts of his face and neck for a very well groomed beard/stash.

While eating burgers at a favorite place recently, he would look with his fixed eye and then his cataract eye and exclaim the different. He looked like stop and go lights on the fritz, blink right, blink left. He is well mannered and I am never shamed by his behavior. I did however, wonder if people were going to question his sanity as he experimented with good/bad eye.

This morning, 26 Jan, he is having the second eye fixed. I suppose he will be a poop and want to drive home, although he is not allowed to do so according to the orders. The surgery will take about 20 minutes, after which they will give him toast and juice before he leaves. They will treat him well because it is a treat-everyone-well sort of place.

For those of you who may have qualms, he told the nurse last time he had more stresses going to work than having his cataract removed. Take his lead. Just don't dash off to buy heavy weights to lift until you are healed.

My question is: If he can see 20/10 in his right eye and his left can be brought up to speed what is he going to see that is clearer, sharper, brighter? Will we need to get a burger so he can red light/green light--blink and blink to see if both eyes see the menu equally as well?

See clearly regardless of your sight.


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