Sunday, January 4, 2009


The news of today includes a Portugal women who held the title of the oldest women in the world. De Jesus was 115 years and 114 days old.

The title now is transferred to Baines — the new titleholder, born in Georgia on April 6, 1894 — spent most of her life in Ohio, where she worked as a dormitory housekeeper at Ohio State University in Columbus. Her only daughter died at age 18. She lives in a nursing home in California.

How or what is it that makes a person under fifty have a massive heart attack and still live to 93? A big percentage of nursing home residents become clients after a broken hip. Some make the nursing home their home, others fight it to their finish. Why is that, I wonder.

There was a man named Fred. He was in his 70's when he started unloading boxes for a transport. The boxes weren't heavy, they were filled with snack items. He had broken his back on the farm and told he must walk to keep the muscles strong. He moved to town and became a night watchmen at the college. He retired from that and started mowing 25 lawns a week and unloading boxes. He took our family out for dinner on his 75th birthday. His only complaint was a little arthritis for which he took a spoonful of gin and raisins each morning. Fred stated at that dinner he wanted to live to be 100. If you could have seen him, you would have thought it was clear sailing. A few months later, Fred had a heart attack.

He had to give up his warehouse job, his lawn mowing,service and his vision of longevity. He called for his daughter who was a missionary, to come home. He stated that he had no worthwhile projects to do, and he died.

Is it really all DNA? Or does it have to do with a sense of accomplishment and a sense of worth. Like Fred, we need to be needed.

And Old Trunks asks you again, would you like to live to 100 and beyond?


There are 82 women and 9 men known to be living past the 110 mark.

It is said it is all in the genes. What DNA do you have to have longivity? If, as you are right now, would you LIKE to live to be past 100? What do you think it offers? Would you be willing to do a DNA test to see what you have?

Benhard: 98

Julia: 80

Phillip: 70

Clara: 78

Now Benhard expected to live to 100, there was no doubt in his mind he would reach it. He was out of all the Knute and Sari Ranum children, the longest lived.

Little is known about the birth parents of mother. Phillip, her dad, was bed ridden at 61. Clara, his first wife, had three husbands, outliving all of them. She died at 78.

Many people say they don't want to live long enough to be wheel chair bound. They don't want to live in a nursing home. The all say they want to stay in their home.

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