Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I'm so glad checks will be a thing of a past. I work at a grocery store and when people come through my line (specially old people) they take forever to write it out. Whats the date? How much did you say? and to top it off they occasionally write the wrong store name on there (that's if i can read their awful writing in the first place). If anyone wants to know. I am 20 years old. So my perspective might be different from an older person.

................I must be one of those"old people" you are talking about since I don't have a debit card and still write checks. i DON'T like paying over the phone because I constantly get the person who tried to put my routing number through claimed the bank said it wasn't the right one and when it is put in a second time after I call the bank to verify it was done right...it ends up not getting paid...and a "check bounce fee' is incurred on my payment because"it failed to go through" NOT my FAULT to the people who put it through I give the right routing numbers and account and they screw it up every time...so paying by mail is the only way I do it anymore...sorry for the OLD person here(I am 44 if you must know and if you are 27 or below I am old to you I guess LOL) Debit cards take the money out faster yes...but the accounts also have faster shortages if you are paying bills and it is harder to keep track of IMO...I will take the "old way" as long as possible and if I can't write a check...well...money orders will do nicely. OK...now where did I put that walker I have to go now..

they really need to vanish checks out completely. people are getting way too creative in faking them. i had a customer somehow erase numbers off her checking account at the bottom of her check so that the money wouldn't come out of her account. checks are just getting too risky. i always seem to have a problem with checks

What about when you are making your mortgage payment, I always send it out in the mail with a check. I never pay over the phone or with a credit card/debit card. What am I going to do if and when we can't use checks. That is all I ever use! I am NOT for this!! We need to have the checks STAY!! People still need them.

I think the people that are the most opposed to the vanishing checkbook are, those who still think they can float a check on Wednesday before the money is deposited on Friday.Float time has gone down from up to 10 days down to 10 minutes!

You may agree OR disagree!


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