Saturday, January 10, 2009


Old Trunks as been asked to prepare an organizational concept for all the pieces and parts, bells and whistles which involve the art of scrap booking:

There are several methods to organize supplies for scrap booking. Much of it depends on the amount of storage space or desk space you have. The idea is to have materials close at hand which helps you do projects without having to completely dismantle everything to ‘make ready’

Perhaps you have a method you would like to work from. If you already have your paper sorted as well as your scrap pieces, then stick with those containers and add to them.

The most important thing I can stress to you is a way to collect product for:

A tickler box, file, or page is nothing more than a sub set to be filed later. It is handy for scrap papers and die cuts.

Is as it implies, it can not be filed with anything else.
Examples are feathers, buttons, and balloons. Miscellaneous does NOT mean stickers, full paper, and items purchased specifically for a holiday.

To me, a working file is something that I am planning to do. This may be done by pages, or it may be partially finished or intent to finish. It may be partial together OR one might have all the supplies for the project. I use sheet protectors.

My finished work generally goes right into the album but they may be stored within the box/container of working until finished. You will know it is finished.

It is important to consider that the universe of scrap booking is on going. You might find yourself needing to lay out a page before adding embellishments. Or consider doing the embellishments first and put the photographs in last. You have scrapped enough to know how big the paper is and just how you like to lay out your page. Remember that along with embellishments, received cards and gift tags are appropriate to use.

For many, scrap booking is last on the list of things to do. Family and work obligations often take priority, the idea is to steal some time for you do something you enjoy.

Tomorrow Part Two


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