Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today is my sweet Thomas' birthday, he is sixty-seven.

Being a winter baby, all of his early birthday pictures are taken outside. Kudos to his mother for dressing him up in a snow suit and sitting him in a chair to take a picture of him and his one year cake.

The other picture is truly Tom, it is him, holding a fish. That black Chevy is covered with wet suits and towels from swimming.

Let's think about expressions. Let me assure you the picture of Tom with the bass is one of those photos that represent just who he is. Do you have early pictures of yourself in an expression that spans decades? Or, for the younger audience, ten, maybe twenty years? Do you have pictures of your children who will still express the same way well into their adulthood?

Is there something about your grin or the way you move that years and years later will still represent you? I only mention this because someone recognized me by dimples sixty years later. Images of my dad pop into my head and the way he waved at others while he was driving. If I ever see a male walking with a handkerchief slightly out of back pocket, I will think of him.

I saw a picture of a red headed child recently. He was wearing glasses and looking rather scholarly. Although I have not met this person, his close friends state the photo is HIM! The photo is two decades or more old.

I like to think that my Sweet Thomas is still the man with the sly grin. He is the fishing person that rarely misses the fish. He hugs freely. He pays attention. He listens.

What has changed? He has a nicer hat. He got older. He got wiser. And he prefers custard pie as a birthday cake. Happy birthday, Tom.

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