Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Old Trunks has heard that ugly boots are in style if one prefers to walk upright. Perhaps those studded add ons to keep one from falling may be in order.

Let's take a look at the rest of the ward robe. Recently waiting in a vehicle across from the junior high at noon hour, we had a chance to watch people 50 years younger than ourselves pour out of the building on a minus 12 degree day.

One had NO coat, but gloves.
Two had coats, not buttoned, and no gloves
One had a coat, hat, and gloves.

The scene tumbled us back decades to our own teen time. Although we were sitting in a vehicle with heater on high AND heated seats we could remember combing hair using water and hair oil and going out to wait for the bus while your hair froze. No hats were worn, we were not going to mess up hair. We weren't going to button our coats either, rather, hang them back on our shoulders as if they were a shawl.

BUT wait!!! There was a time when we did wear something on our heads. A very light scarf and the knot of the scarf on the tip of our chin. Status!!!

The question is this: How did we get from sensible boots, buttoned storm coats, mittens with strings, and head gear to for Tom well into his twenties, shirt sleeve shirt, gloves and 20 below as he walked to the cafe for lunch which wasn't very far?

Well, Old Trunks isn't quite like mother in 1959 but I am in a buttoned coat with a scarf to block the wind which whips around my neck. I am in gloves. I am hood up, if necessary but I will NOT wear snow boots in the winter; in this part of the country, they are fishing shoes.

Stay warm, stay up right.


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