Saturday, January 31, 2009


By the time we were freshman in the year of 1958-59, we began to earn our stripes. According to the 1959 year book, the crazes were chemise dresses and hula hoops, and small cars. For women wearing glasses; modified cat eyes were nearly every one's preference.

Girls wore their hair short and curly. Men styled their hair, went outside when it was still wet to freeze it in place; many still wore crew cuts.

Yet, as one turns the pages of this year book, yet another set of twins may have been found. Are Margaret and Rosemary Stokke twins? They are a like in dress and smile.

Because we were freshman, we had class officers. Larry, Susan, and Stan represented our class. The honor student program was in its second year. The W twins sit side by side in like shirts. One in glasses, the other not. In the next row the T twins rest. Robert and I were separated in the class pictures; other wise, business as usual with Bagne, Baker, Ballingrud.

FTA added males, but FNA under the leadership of Margaret Race remains feminine. Some of the people in this group actually became nurses. Debate opened up to freshman, pictured is Susan and Becky, as well as Jane. Latin Club appears to have been everyone who took Latin. Judy, Judy, Larry, and Jim were student council reps. GAA group members appear to be about 25 members. Pep Club continues to grow.

In 1960, those well guided would be looking toward being a member of the National Honor Society. Mr. Ulseth was well liked and those who didn't know they could sing were told they could. The pep band was formed, it appeared to as large as the concert band. These well preforming students cheered teams on in house or on the road. Did all 75 members go to state with the hockey team? Who paid for it?

If you wonder what an ensemble is, it appears it is any small group of people in harmony. It appears it can be a quartet of boys, or a sextet of girls or brass or wood wind or orchestra. I know Ben could sing, his family lived by us. I knew that Carolyn could sing, I followed her in chorus--she read music, I did not. I wonder if Stan still plays the sax?

By now, we were senior high and all the aspiring young anythings were behind us in junior high. We were almost out of old Lincoln and old Washington, and I think....we were nearly finished with gym. FHA dropped to a third of a page. FFA looked lighter. Six class members attended the council meetings,, Jean, Becki, Jim, David, Judy, and Rick. A third of GAA were the class of 1962.

In 1961, nearly all the pictures are tipped so it looks like they are suspended in the air. There were choices. It wasn't a mug shot with a smile; not all guys wore suits and not all the girls wore a dark sweater. The pictures are refreshing. Our class officers were Becki, Gary, Charlie, and Jim.

Ensembles branched out. Brass, trumpet, sax, trombone.

And it was Bagne, Baker, Ballingrud and Rambeck, Ranum, Rausch, because Judy left.


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