Sunday, July 12, 2009


As Old Trunks said in yesterday's post, my dad smoked Chesterfield cigarettes, so named for Chesterfield, Virginia. They aren't sold in the states anymore but contain popularity in Europe.

Interesting how many actors were featured in Chesterfield ads. Let's take a look, do you remember any of the actors or the advertisment?

In a series of advertisements made many years before he took office former US President Ronald Reagon was a spokesman for Chesterfields. In one of them he is seen addressing cartons of cigarettes as Christmas gifts for "all my friends."

Rod Serling advertised Chesterfield cigarettes in some of his Twilight Zone episodes.

Lucille Ball smoked Chesterfield cigarettes. Because L&M cigarettes sponsored the I Love Lucy Show, she put her Chesterfield's in her L&M pack so the sponsors wouldn't get upset!

In the 1960s, print ads for Chesterfield featured color photographs of four smokers from various walks of life with the headline "Chesterfield People: They like a mild smoke, but they don't like filters.

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis' radio show was sponsored by Chesterfield cigarettes.

And since it was James Bond's choice, they couldn't have been all bad, or are they?


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