Saturday, July 25, 2009


If a large black snail appears at your front door in England, do not step on it. This could be the spirit of a deceased family member.

If you happen to notice a storm petrel while visiting Scotland, the legend is that someone will die soon. It is believed the storm petrel is a sailor that died at sea.

In some African tribes, it is believed that a white bird coming into the prayer hut is the spirit of an ancestor that came to bring blessings.

If you hear the cry of an owl, someone will die soon. If the owl builds his next nearby, spirits will haunt the area until the owl moves away.

The real meaning of a rooster crowing at sun up has nothing to do with time to rise and shine and many of us think. The superstition is that the rooster crows to tell wandering spirits that it is time for them to hide until night comes once again.

Horses, dogs, and cats can sense when spirits are nearby.



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