Tuesday, July 21, 2009


There has long been an old wives tale that says if a black cat walks toward you that it brings good luck. This is a new one on Old Trunks.

Yet, the old wives tale continues to say that if it walks away it takes all good luck and fortune with it. This is another classic old wives tale that is told many different ways, but the message is usually the same. And so is this one.

The only black cat story Old Trunks knows is if it crosses your path. That is when to beware! Yet, both my daughter and my oldest son have black cats. All three cats are friendly!

Most children and even adults are wary when they cross the path of a black cat, yet this is an old wives tale that holds very little weight for most people.The black cat old wives tales are likely rooted in early Christianity when those who usually had cats, black or not, were those closely associated with witchcraft.

Now, most of us know that cats come in all colors, and are owned not just by those who are involved in witchcraft, but also those that simply love cats in a variety of colors! So, choose to come into contact with a black cat, or not, you’ll likely be safe either way.

Happy day, Jas, Bass, and Penny!


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