Friday, July 31, 2009

OLD WIVES TALE Crust of bread

Many people refuse to eat the crust off a piece of bread. Some say they don’t like the way it tastes, others simply don’t like the texture, while others still have just heard one too many old wives tale about crust! Perhaps one of the most well known old wives tales that relates to crust is the one that says if you eat the crust on your bread it will make your hair curly. Some variants of the tale say that the hair will become unmanageably curly, something that most people do not want. Of course, there is no truth in this tale, as we know that curly hair comes from genetics, not from the eating or not eating of the crust on bread! This silly old wives tale probably stems from someone who ate the crust or favored the crust having very curly hair. Of course, the curls did not come from the crust, but the tale continues to live on.

Had Old Trunks known she could have had curly hair, she would have eaten the crust! But then, my grandfather always got it when grandma made bread, and believe it or not, his hair was curly.

But grandpa said the reason he had curly hair was because when he had lice, he drenched his scalp in kerosene and when it didn't kill the lice, he did it again and this time he set his hair on fire. Honest, that is what he told me!

Daddy didn't eat it, either because he had enough dry bread as a kid. By the way, it is the anniversary of my dad's birthday along with his second cousin Mildred. Daddy was born in 1914, Mildred in 1911.

Daddy would have been 95. That is not impossible, his father, Benhard died at 98. Happy days of remembering.


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