Friday, July 24, 2009

OLD WIVES TALE Cranberry juice

One of the most widespread old wives tales that pertains to ones health is the one concerning cranberry juice and your kidneys or urinary tract. For generations, mothers have been telling their children that drinking cranberry juice when they are suffering from a kidney or urinary tract infection that cranberry juice will cure the infection.

Well, despite the handing down of this information generation after generation, people are still turning to their doctors for help with a kidney or urinary tract infection.

Where this old wives tale started is unknown, but it probably has something to do with the fact that cranberry juice is one of the few juices that is not an irritant to the urinary system.

This information was probably given to patients who assumed that if it wasn’t bad for the system, it must be a possible cure as well.

Unfortunately, cranberry juice is not a cure for kidney or urinary tract infections and it is no substitute for antibiotics. While drinking cranberry juice is not a bad idea when you do have an infection, it’s not a cure; it will just help flush the urinary tract out without irritation.

So, if you have a kidney or urinary tract infection, it’s best to see a doctor. If you like cranberry juice, drink it to help flush the system out, but don’t count on cranberry juice alone, or you’ll soon find yourself in excruciating pain!

Odd how many people in nursing homes are encouraged to drink cranberry juice. A hot diet in 2008 was drinking cranberry juice to detox.


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