Monday, July 13, 2009


How many times did you swallow your gum as a child? Probably more than you should have, but were you ever told by parents or friends that is you swallow your gum it will stick to your ribs?

Or, perhaps you were told that your swallowed gum would take seven years to digest? This is another silly old wives tale that is simply not true, but still thought of as fact by children today.

Like everything else that you swallow, gum will go straight into your stomach and be digested without sticking to anything. Oh, and gum is digested at the same rate as other foods, it does not take seven years!

Even though the gum is sticky, the lining of the stomach won’t allow anything to stick to it. So, there are no worries if you have swallowed one piece of gum in your lifetime, or twenty! They’ve all been digested straight away!

Okay, what kind did you swallow?

Juicy Fruit?
Black Jack?

Or a big old glob of Bazooka bubble gum?


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