Thursday, July 2, 2009


In the last two posts, we have reviewed driver's licenses and driving education.

Today, Old Trunks reminds you of the day/days you took your test. One needs to be reminded that drivers education was a set amount of hours per student NOT keep the student in the case until they were ready for the big trip to the county court house where some man with hair in his ears and nose was sitting in the passenger seat. We are reminded this was an authoritative figure.

It was not as when my kids took it and you got your license in class!

And so Old Trunks was off to take her test in her mother's new T-Bird which she had never driven. She was only told you had to gun it when you started it to keep it running. At least that is what the mother said.

And the instructor said, "You may begin".

Before one had a chance to put the key in the ignition, he marked off two points.

When starting the vehicle and gunning it, he marked off more.

May I say there were no seat belts in the summer of 1960.

Driver puts on signal and proceeds. It was going well.

The only stop/go light was at Main Avenue and Third Street. Driver tried to beat the light.

Officer states, "Go back to the court house". Running a yellow light instead of stopping , was like an accident. Failure.

The next time driver was taking the test, those points for new driver and gunning were both demerits. That is okay, the driver thought, she knew that was coming.

"Proceed," the officer said. Around town through lights, park on the hill in Lover's Lane, drive on the highway. It was looking promising.

"Parallel park," was the next command.

Off to the flags in mother's T bird.

"Bumped the flag, go back to the courthouse." said the officer. It was an accident.

Mr. Edlund was at the courthouse with his blue Ford, shuffling one kid after another into the vehicle for driving tests. Little Miss Twice Failed was in tears.

"Perhaps, said Mr. Edlund, "It would be best if you used the school car."

And the third time she did.

The officer gave two marks before the engine started. Driver was wigged out by now. She is not sure what the marks were for but he seemed to be making a lot of them.

"Go back to the court house". he said.

She stopped the blue Ford in the front of the court house and the officer handed her the paper. She had passed.

Then, she asked for her license. He mumbled something about taking the test three times and she could wait for it to come in the mail.

She already had a car, Ragdoll was sitting by the curb at the house on Kneale Avenue. She waited and waited, and waited.

The license came two weeks later. The first trip was a drive on MN HWY ONE west of Thief River Falls. Daddy in the front seat trying to be okay and mother laying down in the back seat because she was scared.

Some kids got 98%, the only points off were for in experienced drivers. It was not going to happen and this driver knew it.

Now it may be three strikes and you are out.


It may be, the third times the charm.

Old Trunks still has imaginary man holes but then, she chases rainbows, too.


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