Wednesday, July 29, 2009


One little known old wives tale says that if someone whistles after dark that it will welcome burglars to their home and their most prized possessions will be taken from their home. There are variants of this old wives tale that say you must not whistle outside of your home, but all of them say the same thing, not to whistle after dark or you’ll lure the burglars to your home.

Where this old wives tale comes from is unknown. What is known is that whistling would tend to keep burglars away from your home, as they know that you are home and could ruin their plan to take your things!

This old wives tale may stem from the fact that homes used to be far from one another and burglars would often be drawn to areas where they heard people doing simple things, things such as whistling!

Thankfully, you are free to whistle and this will likely not be the direct cause of your home being broken into. There have been many break ins in Fargo recently. Let the whistling begin!

Speaking of whistles, since the time of play ground duty several decades ago, I have had a whistle on my key chain. Once, while entering an elevator, a gent looked at the whistle and stated he would not harm me!

My son bought me a new whistle at the whistle factory in Ohio before he left the state to move to California. I have one on each key chain!

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