Thursday, July 30, 2009

OLD WIVES TALE Itchy hands

According to old wives tale, just about every bodily sensation can be explained. For instance, if the palm of your right hand is itchy, money will be coming your way. But, if you scratch the right hand while it is itchy, it’ll keep the money from coming.

Of course, if the left hand is itchy, this foretells that you will be paying money to someone, and you should scratch away to do away with the payments.

As odd as these old wives tales may seem, there are people who believe in them, and these theories are still being spread today from generation to generation.

Are they for real? Probably not, as an itch usually has to do with a nervous system response, and it’s unlikely that is has to do with money one way or the other. Should you refrain from scratching your right hand when it itches? Why not? You never know…


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