Thursday, July 23, 2009


We have all heard stories about witches riding their brooms across the moonlit sky; however, did you know there are even old wives tales and superstitions surrounded around the broom?

While you are sweeping near your front door, if the broom drops be expecting company before the day is through.If you find a broom lying on the ground or floor, pick it up for good luck. (Old Trunks knows some folks who need to pick up a few brooms!)

When you are sweeping up dirt by your back door be sure to sweep it out the back door instead of inward or you will be sweeping away the friendship of your best friend.

Do not sweep at all using a broom on New Year’s Day or bad luck will follow you all year long.

Any trash that you do decide to sweep up on New Year’s Day be sure to burn it so you will have money all year long.

When you are carrying a broom, carry it under your arm for good luck, if you carry it over your shoulder you are sure to have bad luck.

Do not sweep your home and a guest leaves or you will be sending them bad luck.

If the broom you are using happens to fall, it will bring you bad luck. But if you pick it up, it is good luck, what's the deal?

Never sweep dirt out of your home before the sun comes up or you will be calling for bad luck to enter.

If a broom falls over in front of you and you stoop over and pick it up you will become ill. What about the luck of picking up the broom?

If you wish for someone that just entered your home to go away all you have to do is sweep in front of them. This is a sign that you do not want them in your home.

If you are visiting someone and you have to step over a broom in her home or outside her home, this means that she is not a good housekeeper. Duh?

Never hand someone a broom through an open window, it can bring you bad luck.



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