Friday, April 30, 2010


Old Trunks will confess. I am a on-line junkie. I have met people who, for virtual purposes are joined with me at the hip. We are connected. Eye brow raising as that might sound, it is really very simple. And, if you are realistic, you already know everyone you meet isn't a friend and they aren't an enemy either.

The best way to explain this is to say, I have a thing about colors of cars. Without knowing what color car one drives, I can almost always know who drives red or green or black. Everyone else falls into a neutral zone.

I have an instant like with red and green and am leery of people who drive black cars. So much so that when my son's friend was going to buy a new car, he picked blue over black.

So with that image in mind, let's explore meeting people on line. I know that S has a green car and H has a red one. I would ask L but knowing her husband R, he picked it out.

I was having a discussion with a friend this morning who wondered why emails in general had dried up. I reminded him that not everyone is a wind bag like he was and those same folks in the real may be great talkers but poor image writers.

As for emails and I/M, I know someone who has the greatest circle of friends. Take into consideration, she has a gift to write and boost ones endorphins just by reading her notes. While in her 70's, and not able to dance with her boyfriend, she does have that magic to waltz on the Milky Way in a long shimmering gown with anyone with a top hat and tails. It the real, she drives a red car.

Perhaps there is no formula for connection. Maybe best of friends just happen.

In honor of Ella,-- a valuable connection-- who died on this day two years ago who probably never had a red or green car but certainly never had a black one.


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