Saturday, August 14, 2010

'49 FORD

Yes, I am still writing about the adorable one.

I am thinking about that old Ford of his. And how, one summer day, a friend of mine and a friend of his, all went to the country to drink beer.

And how, on that rainy day, he didn't have any tail lights on his car and I had faulty brakes, and Ragdoll the Chevy ran into the back of that '49er in front of the salvage yard.

I am thinking about my friend hitting the windshield when I plowed into the back of his car and how his steering wheel was bent. I am thinking about how the insurance company settled immediately for $150. And how, after that, I had no car and would later loose my license for three months.

I am thinking about how my parents never liked anyone I brought home or adopted and how my friends covered for me so I could go out with the adorable one.

I think there was a song about that. If not, there should have been.


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