Sunday, August 15, 2010


And Debbie says, "Sometimes, ya know, I wish I was a little girl again.. No worries, stress, didn't have to do a thing but play."

I just don't know about this. I have a hard time imagining a child only playing and not learning hard lessons in their youth.

Don't we all have honey combs in our souls in which are stored information from our childhood which helps us cope with the stuff that happens to us as adults? Even if our parents did not give us answers OR if they did, we didn't understand how complex the answer was.

How can anyone say they have closed all the doors to (remember) the lessons we learned and call it a no stress childhood.

What about the kid in the neighborhood who fell twice one summer and broke both his collar bones. Is that stress free?

What about the bat in the cabin flying into someones hair? Bet she was just playing when she screamed.

Ever see a dog run over?

Had a pet die?

Not want to be somewhere your parent's insisted you had to go to?

Tried to figure out where to hide the liver at meal time because you hated it but parent's watched over you because it was "good for you"?

Wished you had more brothers and sisters?

Wished you had LESS brothers and sisters?

Had chores but didn't understand you were part of the co-op, therefore responsible for said co-op. Although you weren't told that, you were just told what to do.

Did your father butcher your pig that you worked for all summer. The one you wanted to sell. But no one told you it was the only meat they would have for winter?

No, Debbie, childhood is a learning ground of life rules.


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