Friday, August 6, 2010


By now you have learned I have an opinion about weaselly men, saying things that hurt people, Christmas letters from day to day people, and folks who expect one's natural gifts to be taught in a lesson plan and expect it to become their own. That is just the beginning.

A friend told me a couple of months ago that his wife had brain and lung cancer. She is a pure sort of person with no vices. This is a heavy diagnosis and one no one should be harnessed to such a dreadful load. I hope for her even though, my sweet Thomas' first wife deceased from it. I think I am counter balancing his opinion of her prognosis. Perhaps. Maybe it is just plain old hope without pretending to be some sort of a prayer warrior.

Which brings me to my opinion of the day. People of my age generally went to confirmation and became some member of some business of church. Many of us have taught Sunday School, Bible School, worked in the nursery, and became greeters because we were friendly and responsible. Many of the obits state baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran faith--fill in your own church application. That all took place 50+ years ago.

Although we have all learned to sit, to walk, and to stand for our faith or a higher power, not everyone on the planet was B&C in the Lutheran faith, many are not Christian faith, there are others. Where I grew up, there were Catholics and all others, others being the majority. Our minister wanted promises out of thirteen year olds never to marry a Catholic. He said if we couldn't promise, he would not confirm us.

I have a friend who, as she began her SIT in Christian faith, really turned me off for some time. She expected God to lead her by the hand everywhere. There are fundamental lessons we should all be able to do in the name of one's religion that God trusts us to do on our own.

Recently, someone I know was asking for prayers regarding herself, yet what she was serving for dinner on a nightly basis was fried foods and processed foods. It doesn't take a mathematically moron to figure out what she really needed to do, if she really wanted to do something about it, was to look inward instead of expecting others to carry her when she wouldn't do it herself.

I am not against pray or religion. I am opinion ed about people asking for something they need to adjust within themselves. And don't give me any crap about high and mighty and then complaining about 'stuff' that really isn't anything but crap.


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