Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The discussion was dolls made from hollyhocks. It started something in a friend from MI, which is worth sharing:

"Today it's an iPod, a DVD, a cell phone, a laptop, etc. etc. etc. Where did all the "pretend" go? I know....young ones are probably saying, "oh no...here with go with back when I was a kid!". lol But I didn't have dolls that talked, walked, etc. I used my imagination and made them walk & talk. I never gave my girls a doll that did anything. Their last dolls that they got when they were, I don't remember, 10 or 11 ??, were Chatty Cathy and Pretty Ballerina (I think those were the names) and they moved by themselves. No imagination. But that's the only ones.We entertained ourselves and did it quite well. I could have a ball with two tin cans. Stomp on them really hard with your foot and they would mold to your shoes and man! could you ever make the noise walking down the sidewalk! lolFind an old innertube (do they even make those anymore?), cut it up, get a couple of scrap pieces of wood and you had a gun that shot fat rubber bands.I hardly ever played in the house. Maybe I sat on the porch and played "jacks". But everything was outside and everyone was active. Today....sitting in front of the computer. But, hey...I should talk...what the heck am I doing now? lol lol lolThanks E for bringing back some wonderful memories! ♥"

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