Thursday, August 5, 2010


Granted, our house does look more like a gift shop than a home but it is comfortable to us. We like the relics around us. They are finds and gifts we have bought or have been given. No matter that my cousin was concerned about what we would do with all of it when we had to go to a rest home or that the shelves of bric brac may fall on her as she slumbered. And that was her concern and opinion.

Old Trunks touches on a lot of ideas in depths of fierce to luke warm. Some stick, like spaghetti, when done, stick to the wall. Others are passing fancies as if they were red and greed plaid pants. Some ideas and ideals are fueled by natural tendencies.

One of them is a sense of balance for arranging. I didn't give it much thought, it just seemed I could wiggle my fingers and it magically all fell into place. Tom was the first to point it out. Why? Because he can't do it, he can have an opinion after it is done but he can't do it free form. In other words, he is not a finger wiggler. And that is okay, we blend and I don't get out of shape when he wants it different.

So when someone wants you to teach them 1,2,3 of finger wiggling because they can't, good luck. It is not an easy task because they can not see the finished product you have in your head.

This all leads, of course, to THEIR opinion of what you can do. WHY? Because that is not one of their gifts.

Do you understand what I am saying?


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