Thursday, August 26, 2010


Truly...........we are amazing.

The case is simple. Someone is having surgery. One person finds it dreadful and thinks only about how heavy hearted SHE is, another finds a way to have humor to lightened the day for the patient, and yet another is only encouraging in a loving way.

All three are normal. Dreadful and heavy always sees the worst. If you ever want uplifting from her, you would have to strap her to a rocket and send her to the moon.

The humorous one does not make light of the surgery but finds things to visit with the patient about to tickle their funny bone. Does it not say a merry heart doth good like medicine?

And then there is the encourager. The support system for all of us. The huge heart, although she has her own bag of tricks to deal with, reaches deep inside of her ever flowing stream of goodness to be the best of the best.

It is too bad ENCOURAGING can't help DREADFUL.

Yet, so it is, we are all amazing and are detailed and programed, are we not?

Surgery went well. We are encouraged. And a merry heart doth good.


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