Tuesday, August 3, 2010


You couldn't pay Old Trunks to read as if I was spell bound. I will truly admire people who devour books for pleasure. There are certainly a lot of them out there. I wonder if reading, a gift in itself, jumps generations; like white collar and blue collar. Well, sort of.

My parents read. Mostly for pleasure, although the newspaper was combed daily. I never saw Greg pick up a book. Give me five books on how to plant a tulip, (although there is only one way), and I will be happy.

The Internet has been a wonderful tool in many ways. It gives way to "I WONDER". The most recent search here as been railroad turnstile bridges. I started; Tom finished. Before that, caterpillars which were really larvae. All done on the Internet, although we gave the library a chance and the books to reference had not been checked out since 1990.

Before home computers, the reference library was THEE source for anything one wanted to know. Just call!

I do believe a little book learning each day is necessary, whether it be hard copy, a Kindle, or catching something on the Internet.

After all, much of it is opinions and isn't how all this started?


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