Sunday, February 1, 2009


And this is the hallowed book, the Prowler of 1962. It opens with numerous handwriting styles of, well, almost all, well wishes from one senior to another. And I still think the names of the seniors should be under their pictures!

"Someone wrote by eighth grade we were all "old pros" and laughed at our past uncertainty. In ninth grade the students from St. Hilaire and St. Bernard's joined Lincoln..."

Betty and Gary represented Mary and Joseph in the Christmas program, Soozi was president of the Student Council and rightly so. The class play was a blast and nearly all the teachers were fun even if it might mean your gum on the board and your nose on the gum.

There are members of that body I adored and still do. Others have died young and it saddens me that these prominent people in my high school days were not able to unfold their lives. Some may have said at two, "This is what I want to do with my life." Others, may have been, to others, like a swinging loose cannon. Does it matter? There were and are multi-talented people in the class of 1962 who launched themselves into careers and occupations which have been help mates to those younger, weaker, and in the need of being nurtured. Whether it was done as a career OR as a volunteer, I appreciate you reaching to others.

And today, I dedicate this blog to Michael Norman III, who wanted to be a priest and pray for me every day. Instead, he spent his life in the medical profession and knowing Mike's love for humanity, had a shared prayer load.


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