Friday, October 16, 2009

BIRDS Common Snipe

This long beaked bird plunges its bill into soft ground eating larvae of insects, earthworms, frogs, and seeds.

Do we have a picture? Only a spec it the blue sky. What we heard in the morning as well in the evening was a vibrating sound and a streak of the bird in a zig zag pattern with its wings pointed.

We pestered everyone with great hearing to listen to the vibration sound. Now, if you know enough people eventually someone has heard the sound before. It was only then we learned it was a Common Snipe as it's outer tail feathers caught the air to make a whinnying-like sound.

Why? It was shared that both sexes do ariel displays starting with the female first and over the nesting area in a bog. We could have tramped through the bog to search for those olive buff eggs with spots, however, the displaying was already over because it only happens in courtship.

Of course, we could have gone to the bog and listened for wheet-wheet!

Trivia? In Finland, they are called the sky goat because the sound of the dive sounds like the baa of a goat.

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