Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HALLOWEEN Remembered

There is something to be said about the buttle about face painting verses masks. Although masks are marvelous, they are hot and one can not see where they are going. If you take the mask off, doesn't that 'ruin' you costume? I am for painting.

Bud came home one day before Halloween and wanted a mask like Matt. Matt's dad had bought him a gory rubber mask for about $50. It was a high budget item and Bud did not get his wish. I am hopeful in his adult life he has granted himself this extra. If not, then it wasn't that important after all.

Ryen was our face painting fiend. He loved to experiment with the make up. He had watched his sister do her Halloween make up and was positive he could do his own. So, we let him. Although the teacher really thought she should do it, he declined. That was the year of the oatmeal stuck on to look like peeling skin.

In the picture above, Ryen went as a lizard. It was funny because his best friend went as a wizard. The costume had been made for Bud years earlier, he did not wear it but it was kept.

I take that back, Bud did wear it once. I told him I would give him a dollar if he put it on and ran around the block. See photo. The baby on the sofa is Ryen.

So Ryen experimented with the colors and when it was time to dress for the party at school, made some marks on his face. He was a great lizard with his tail dragging behind him. Who knows, maybe he was really a gecko, 'wanna chip"?

Paint or mask what was your call?


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