Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HALLOWEEN Remembered

Or is it? Do you remember Halloween as a very young child?

The first one I remember is a costume parade in the old arena. I was a cat and won a doll. The judges stand was in the middle of the rink and they talked about each character. That is all......

Until.....2nd or third grade when brother and I went trick or treating and brought home one full sack and got another. I don't know why we didn't use pillow cases, it would have been easier to carry.

By the time we were finished and ready to spread everything out on the table, NOT to be examined, rather to give mother all the stuff we didn't want, like cupcakes, popcorn balls, and Carmel apples. Shame on us for being such specific beggars. I do know when we went to the Larson house, we had to go in to get a piece of cake, we refrained, there were plenty of places that a knock, open your sack, say thank you and leave. Which yielded more candy than waiting around for some old cake. (SHAME ON ME).


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