Saturday, October 3, 2009

BIRDS Osprey

Tom heard a Osprey at the lake a few years ago. We chased around with field glasses trying to get a closer look. They are so very quick in flight I never did get a good look at it. But when you live with someone who loves the out of doors and spent most of his life observing, you learn.

I learned that while soaring, their wings made an 'M', that helped me at least from a far, to recognize them. I knew they hovered over the water, then dive to catch fish, carrying them off head first.

Yet, it wasn't until this summer that I really got a chance to listen to them screech and watch the youth practice flying while still in the nest on a platform of twigs and sticks assembled within the electrical poles near Child Lake.

It had been a very windy day. On days such as this, we generally went 'adventuring' to check out new lakes. The awesome thing about this one is open to new sounds and images beyond the landings and how many rice or weed patches in the lake itself.

We were driving across the inlet when Tom spotted what he knew was an Osprey nest. I got out of the truck and walked toward it taking pictures every few steps. The mother Osprey left, screeching and making maneuvers to draw attention away from her chicks.

Although one is certain I wasn't the only person to ever walk down the road taking pictures at any given time, I knew it was a signal to let it be. I wonder if the nest will be in use next year?

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