Sunday, October 25, 2009

HALLOWEEN remembered

Yea, mom made this Halloween costume for me when I was one. She made it out of crepe paper and attached it to my sweat shirt. For those of you who are in style, they aren't called sweatshirts anymore, they are hoodies.
It was raining on Halloween. I am glad she didn't take me out to trick or treat in the rain. All the orange would have run and I would have a permanent look, like I was some sort of a carrot. (Although I do know that if you eat enough carrots your finger tips will turn orange).
And what is the deal with that chair? Where are the legs? Didn't folks have legs on chairs then? And look at that card!!! It is all fuzzy with what they called flocking. It is a Hallmark, of course, because they cared enough to get me the very best.
That was the last costume I had that was made of paper except one year my friends and I dressed up as Fruit of the Loom characters and went door to door singing. That was in the rain, too. I was the banana and yes, the yellow ran on my face.
Have a colorful holiday.
From what may be the memories of RZA

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