Saturday, October 24, 2009


Let's lay Halloween aside for a day and remember our ancestors in a most fitting way. Above are the two Grandma Julia's. The top one is Julia Clara Opseth Ranum and the bottom one is Julia Olette Olson Rye. We always thought it interesting that both had the name Julia, maiden name starting with O and married name starting with R.

But wait, the neatest thing of all is both of them were born on the 24th of October. Julia Ranum in 1885 and Julia Rye in 1889. Although both were born in Minnesota, only one was born in Rosewood, the other in Beltrami, MN. Yes, Beltrami is a city/village; not just a county.

Both of them were married longer than fifty years, although in the case of Rye, Henry died after 52 married years, whereas in the Ranum union, Julia died first.

Grandma Rye and her son Oliver left the farm and moved to town. They lived in houses first, then moved to Skyline Apartments followed by Valley Home. Grandma Rye died at the age of 91.

Grandma Ranum was 80 when she expired. She left a truly lonely husband. Benhard took care of her during her illness at home.

What did these women have in common besides being grandparents to my children? Did they ever meet? After all for many years, both of them lived in the Rosewood community. The answer is yes. They were amongst many who belonged to the spinning group where they gathered and each others home with their spinning wheels to card the wool and spin it into yarn. Whomever was hosting, served the lunch. We think the photo was taken outside in the winter. No flash.
Let's name these charming ladies:
Back row: Julia Ranum, Lena Mellem, and Annie Holten
Front row: Hilda Sagmoen, Nina Bloom, Christine Paulson, and Julia Rye.
May I say that Nina Bloom is also a grandmother to my children?
Take a moment and think about any Julia-like people you have in your life. I can promise sunshine from your visit to the past.

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