Monday, October 26, 2009

HALLOWEEN Remembered..........

Ah, the art of the pumpkin. The thrill of the picking it out. And the clean up. Why our family generally chose to carve pumpkins after dark is a Halloween mystery.

Above are two pictures of Rachel and Bud, who, were, for the most part, the artists in residence. In order to have the decoration longer, the year Rachel was six and Bud was two, I painted them and they were carved later.

Just what part of carving is the work of a six or two year old? How can a six year old get through that tough exterior without hurting herself? Never mind turning a two year old with a knife like instrument. Tools were simple, unlike now with lots of children's tools, we only had a long, sharp knife. Father's job was to cut the top off, the kids did the scooping out and directed how the eyes and mouth should be.

You can see that when they became older, they did their own, on the table. One year, Bud and his friend carved in the day time. Look how close Kevin's hand is to the knife!
We didn't have a pumpkin wizard where one could buy or download 150 pattern ideas. Our kids made their own. And like we said before, there were no tools. Yes, we were wasteful, we didn't use the flesh but we did roast the seeds.
Seem innocent? It was. No wonder it is still the second biggest holiday after Christmas at the Anderson house.
Did you carve?

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