Thursday, October 29, 2009

HALLOWEEN remembered............

As you may know, a merger took place in the early sixties that brought the New Solum ancestors more entwined. With that merger, came stories and additional clairvoyance.

Now whether or not you believe in the super natural hocus pocus or not, it does exist in some families as a trait. Perhaps we have it ourselves and credit something else.

It is not my wish to convince you one way or another. Only to share that when, in a dream, a loving relative who has deceased comes through the looking glass and the two of you are excited about a plan, it is, for the most part, an agreement.

Just how many generations of the extra sense have come down through the years is unknown. We know that Julia Rye had the gift, and to watch her daughter talk about it and her own gifts and look at you in a convincing way is shivering. And the looking glass makes it a third generation.

We have all had clairvoyant episodes in our lives. There are even television programs based on it~~written by writers. Are they in-to-the-future?

Perhaps telepathy is not only a gift but something one can be trained to use. What I mean by that is simple: If one has the gift can it be nurtured? When we say, "I knew that was going to happen!" How do we know?

Old Trunks has had a few in the future episodes of her own. They have all been calming events to move her forward.

So on this Halloween, when witches fly and the moon is full and the goblins are out and ghosts host and you are visited through the looking glass and feel a life promise, ride with it, even if it is in your Brougham (broom).

May your caldron's be full.


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