Tuesday, October 27, 2009

HALLOWEEN Remembered......

Marilyn Langseth and I were third graders at Washington School in Thief River Falls in October 1951. Marilyn and I laid on the tiled living room floor at our house with a sheet of blank newsprint. We had a window at S&L, a department store on the corner of third and LaBree to paint a Halloween scene.

We were intricate. Marilyn always had a real style to draw. We had a huge, detailed haunted house with leaf less trees, a walk to the house which made the drawing three dimensional, bats, grave stones with rest in peace, (RIP) written on them. And of course, a full moon.

This was when I learn what RIP meant. Before, I thought it was Rip Van Winkle's grave, and I wondered why there were so many graves for him. I wonder, if in texting, what RIP means now? Anyway.

The idea was to attach the drawing with the news print to the inside of the window, actually, I think it was a rule. Then, paint the design on the glass. Now let me tell you, there is a huge difference between drawing a design on a flat floor and third graders trying to tip toe on a way to big window at the S&L store. It did not go well. We did not finish.

Therefore, when my children decided they would window paint, I suggested they work on something less involved. The first year Rachel did it, we learned the paint they supplied was mixed with soap; we would bring our own.....although the committee or sponsor stopped that in later years.

I highly encouraged them to practice AT HOME on the picture window in the living room. It was a grand day, the southern sun made the paint dry tight on the glass. Rachel would paint at Miller Furniture downtown. She was set.

I hope you enjoy the window painting from the fall of 1978. I was reprieved from the fiasco of '51!

Did you paint? Where? What?


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